Carpenter $50
Inventor $100
Composer $250
Iconoclast $500
Maverick $1,000
Genius $3,000
Angel $5,000
Other ______

PARTCH Ensemble Projects

Education - Expanding awareness of Harry Partch’s instruments and music to audiences of all ages.

Touring - Spreading our music and mission to points across North America and beyond, including a recreation of composer Harry Partch's famous transcontinental railroad journey as depicted in U.S. Highball.

Commissions/Live Programs - Working with contemporary composers to create new works for our unique instrumentation.

Instrument Construction - Working with master instrument builders to complete our set of Partch-designed instruments.

If you would like to target your donation to a specific project, contact T.J. Troy (Board President) at

All donations go to our General Operating Fund, and are tax-deductible in accordance with State and Federal law. If you would like a Letter of Donation for use in your annual tax preparation, please contact us at